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Deep Downunder Productions is an events, promotions and lifestyle branded entertainment company. We specialize in high end unique events, designed to unite the international community and like minded individuals living in Los Angeles. Our aim is to create, promote, advise and inform international visitors, to LA’s most unique and underground events. DDP’s vision is to create a community within a community, in order to connect and inspire. We provide tailored events at some of the most obscure, luxurious and spectacular locations in Los Angeles, including Mansion, Yachts, Rooftops and Beaches for our community to come together, connect and dance the night away.

DDP Founder & CEO Jamesen Re has 20 years experience producing events & creating brands stemming back to 1997. After immersing himself at the peak of dance music culture in the mid 90’s in Europe, he harnessed the energy experienced in his time in Ibiza & the London Underground, returned to Melbourne, Australia and created the legendary “Sunny Side Up” parties which became one of Australia’s most respected and influential dance party events ever. It’s history making legacy continues to this day 18. His pursuit of creating memorable experiences, through lifestyle branded events continues in Los Angeles and across the globe.

Brands include The Lincoln Speakeasy, Private Resident, Liquid Frequencies Pool / Terrace.

Brand Engagement & Management: DDP provides analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help venues that at are struggling to find a place in the market. Anyone can have a venue, hotel, bar etc however engaging an audience can be quite the challenge. Our team of branding and interior design professionals help create, transform and breathe life into an under performing spaces. Below is an example of how DDP was able to reinvent Hanger 39 at the Custom Hotel, LAX into a brand new, successful profitable venue, now known as the Lincoln Speakeasy members social club.


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