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PRIVATE RESIDENT  Private Resident is LA’s premier, upscale, underground gathering with a strict focus on debuting the future international stars of tomorrow.

LINCOLN SPEAKEASY – The Lincoln Speakeasy is West LA’s fully licensed upscale afterhours. We specialize in craft cocktails, late night cuisine & feature the finest artists.

SOULNOVA is an international community based collective, comprising of dj’s, artists, music & event producers dedicated to bringing like minded souls together, through the sound of deep house music.

Founded in Venice Beach. CA

STYLE LOVES ADVENTURES Founded by Fashion Stylist Stacy Quackenbush, Style Loves Adventure is an online magazine encouraging readers to explore life’s possibilities, follow their bliss, and take adventures.

WULFPACK – Wülfpack is a collaboration of producers, djs, and artists, focused on creating an experience thru sight and sound, based out of Los Angeles, California.

LIQUID MIXES offers mixing and mastering services, directly accessing the highest quality state of the art equipment in conjunction with the experience of an ARIA nominated producer/engineer. After all the time and energy spent creating your tracks, why wouldn’t you give them the professional mixing and mastering they deserve.

If sharpening your production skills is more your thing then Liquid Mixes can help you get the most out of the software.

DEEP SITE RECORDINGS is an independent vinyl records and digital recordings label specializing in Deep House music.


Charities | The Greater Good

Angel Builders – Angel Builders mission is to implement art, music and performance programs in schools  globally. The organization was founded by a group of women based in Venice, California, dedicated to the belief that the quality of lives of children living in extreme poverty throughout the world can be greatly improved and enriched through specially designed programs of fine arts, music and performance education. Visit to find out more.

Fred Hollows – The Fred Hollows Foundation was inspired by work of the late Professor Fred Hollows, whose vision was for a world where no one was needlessly blind. Collectively working in over twenty countries world-wide, with the help of our supporters, we hope to build on our record of restoring sight to well over one million people. For more information visit



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